Peter Downing, CHMM


Mr. Downing's education and extensive experience working with various industrial clients have provided him with a broad technical and practical background in EHS matters. Mr. Downing specializes in providing safe, cost effective solutions to our industrial clients. His training in the implementation of the IATA, IMDG, and DOT requirements for the shipping of hazardous materials, coupled with his background in chemistry, provides him with the tools to provide site-specific training on this subject.

As the principal of ESS, Mr. Downing is ultimately responsible for the direct oversight of all work product produced by the company. This includes, but is not limited to: the preparation and implementation of site-specific comprehensive environmental, health, and safety programs; training; periodic facility inspections/audits; preparation of SOPs and job hazard analyses; facility permitting; TSCA pre-manufacturing notification; development of TCPA/Risk Management/Process Safety Management Programs; regulatory inspection support services; Responsible Distribution Programs; and environmental investigations/remediations.

With such a broad-based background in regulatory matters, Mr. Downing has served as an expert witness on a number of litigation matters. He is comfortable in the courtroom and at the deposition table, and has assisted in obtaining multi-million dollar settlements on behalf of his clients.